6 Hotties Among US Presidents’ Daughters

When we watch POTUS on TV or in the newspapers, we rarely think about their children and how they live. If you think about it, it must be very awkward for a child or even a teenager to live in the White House. As soon as you leave your room – BAM! The Secret Service follows you wherever you go. But, even though they live in this «gold-plated cage», most, if not all, presidential children remain in perfect order. Some people grow up to be writers, others to follow in their parents’ footsteps and become involved in politics, but all of them have grown up to be great inside plus out.

1. Barbara Bush

Each President’s daughter has her own ups as well as her downs. Barbara Pierce Bush was one of the lucky ones to survive that experience. However, she was usually quiet, unlike her sister Jenna, who was called the «wild blonde». Party people or not, these beautiful sisters have grown up to be extraordinary and kind-hearted ladies. For example, Barbara co-founded the Global Health Corps. And Jenna, well, she is work as a TV presenter for now.
6 Hotties Among US Presidents' Daughters

2. Malia Obama

Do you remember how old the girl was when Barack Obama, was chosen as US president? She was only ten years old at the time, and you just realized the pressure she was under, but Malia’s not a child anymore. Except for that little mistake at Lollapalooza, when she was a smart, well-adjusted girl. Now Malia is a hell of a stylish girl at Harvard University, which her parents are very proud of. We are pretty sure it is not even her last form. World watch out to the babe!
6 Hotties Among US Presidents' Daughters

3. Caroline Kennedy

She was still a baby at the time John Kennedy became American president. Kennedy’s entire family moved to the White House. They lived there carefree for above 2 years until November 1963. It was then that the tragic events of the notorious murder of John Kennedy occurred. Jacqueline became a widow and a single mother with two children. After moving from the White House, the family moved to New York City. Here the children grew up and began their adult life. Caroline graduated from Radcliffe College, then go to Columbia University Law School. Later she supported the future president, Barack Obama, and even helped him with his presidential campaign.
6 Hotties Among US Presidents' Daughters

4. Patti Davis

In 1986, when the United States was ruled by Ronald Regan, Patti Davis was 31. She was still going through her rebellious phase. The 1980s was a very different era. At least I heard it. Maybe people used to think that all the president’s daughters should be quieter than the home mouse? Patty certainly was not. Davis initially didn’t care much about a dad’s politics. But Patti changed the minds after she was living with her mother and father for a few years. Today she is a writer and an actress. Also, Patti used to be a model. What a great transformation! Do you agree with me?
6 Hotties Among US Presidents' Daughters

5. Jenna Bush

Unlike the previous girls, she was already in high school when George Bush became a president. It happened in 2001. Jenna was not very happy with all the life changes that happened after. She wanted to have fun, not be in one of them. Jenna was trying to figure out what to do with it since being stuck in the White House wasn’t her life plan. By the time George Bush ran for a second term. The girl was ready to help her dad anyway. Some say that people never can change. Now Jenna is the author of New York Times bestsellers and hosts the popular Today Show.
6 Hotties Among US Presidents' Daughters

6. Chelsea Clinton

White House became home to the Clinton family in 1993 when the little girl was only 12 yo. There’s some confusion that the public and the media have treated her like a joke for years because Chelsea looked different. Look at the babe today, haters! She now runs the Clinton Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving global health. She is a loving wife and mother of two. Also, Chelsea adores watching a ballet.
6 Hotties Among US Presidents' Daughters