Celebrities who love their overweight

Modern society indoctrinates us with the myth that female thinness is the only thing that is beautiful and sexy nowadays. This erroneous statement pervades our way of life and all of modern culture. It is especially evident in elite communities, for example in Hollywood. Celebs have been trying to make themselves look as thin as possible for several decades. Ultimately, the general public subconsciously accepts the concept that the slimmer, the better.

Despite all of these universal beauty stereotypes, some celebrities go beyond all of that and feel great with a few extra pounds. These confident women make a point of promoting body inclusion and positivity. They flaunt their big gorgeous shapes at every appropriate, and sometimes not-so-appropriate, opportunity that they get. For more about these brave ladies, check out this list of celebrities who admire their big shapes and look incredibly graceful.

  1. Beyonce

The hottie has always been a curvy one. It was readily apparent from the start of her artistic journey. This celebrity made curvy women’s shapes a trend before many other famous BBWs went on to do what Beyonce did. The celebrity was infinitely committed to changing the body image concept of the modern woman. She was the mastermind behind the creation of a healthy booty love anthem called Bootylicious. In addition, she once spoke out and everyone absolutely understood her position. The star spoke about the fact that women do not appreciate themselves enough. Especially young girls do not really appreciate how beautiful their bodies are.
Celebrities who love their overweight

  1. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey has been very candid about her changes in weight and size during her career and how she reflected on the time she previously spent worrying about her image. The celebrity said she recalls all the years she spent hating being overweight and wanting to lose weight by all means. The feeling of guilt for each croissant she ate, giving up carbohydrates, starving herself, then diets, and then the terrifying anxiety of not being on a diet, later eating whatever she wanted before the start of the next weight-loss marathon. She says that all this energy could have been spent on more useful things.
Celebrities who love their overweight

  1. Lizzo

This BBW has become a major supporter of body positivity. The celebrity encourages women around the world to love their bodies as they naturally are. Lizzo shows by her example how it is necessary to love yourself. She says that one time she thought about the fact that for more than 20-plus years, she really believed that one day she would be able to be completely different. The celebrity says that you will not wake up and become bigger as well as smaller, whiter or darker, just like your hair won’t start growing rapidly if it’s never happened before. In her opinion, women just have to accept the fact that this is how they will look for the rest of their lives.
Celebrities who love their overweight

  1. Kelly Clarkson

This icon for millions of Americans has experienced various weight fluctuations since she won American Idol years ago. But Kelly Clarkson was determined never to challenge her self-confidence in public, even regardless of her current weight at the time. The celebrity admits that she just never cared what others thought about her appearance. All that matters for her are that she feels comfortable with herself. She says that most valuable to her is her family and only their words are important for Kelly.
Celebrities who love their overweight

  1. Mindy Kaling

She proved to all her haters and fans that beauty can be big. Mindy Kaling convinced everyone that a curvy girl could conquer the world. Mindy starred in her own show, the main purpose of which was to show that body weight is not the main thing in life. She once said that when women are labeled as fat, it’s just a man’s weapon no more no less. It is a weapon that men can use against women and women don’t use it back. Kaling is pretty insensitive to what people say about her because, in her opinion, she cannot change these things.
Celebrities who love their overweight

  1. Amy Schumer

Amy takes an unconventional attitude toward her body size. The celebrity regularly uses her body weight as content in her comedy shows. Amy Schumer ignores the negative comments that some people make about her body. When the haters write snarky comments about her, she just tells them that it’s her body and she likes how she looks.